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    Firstly, does anyone have any experience of this bike? Secondly, I'm looking into a set of panniers for my new bike and have found them to be very expensive, Wiggle have a good range here .Any ideas?

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    Altura Packdry Panniers - very good and perfect for touring around Europe with its wet weather - available from Wiggle.Karrimor - way too expensive but will last if you are off around the world" a few times."

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    Karrimor panniers are junk - I've destroyed two sets within the space of two tours; by the time I got home they were held together with fishing line and superglue.Ortlieb - the ones I've currently got on the front are the classic version - very adjustable bombproof clasp system that is still easy to disengage, and REALLY waterproof (they've been half submerged in water a few times already).

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    Over the years I have tried most panniers and one leave the rest way behind. That is the Ortlieb. There latest Bike Packer Plus with the better QL2 fastening is far and away the best I have ever owned. If you want a good deal on them email:

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