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    Hello all, I am looking at the Ultremo light weigt tyres from Schwalbe.  Has anyone had any experience with these.  Thanks

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    Yes I have just bought some of these - very fast, comfortable and so far puncture free.  Recommended.I also bought mine from a web-site in Ireland which was much cheaper than UK (about 60 euros =  £40).

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    Thanks, I have Michelin Pro2 Races on now and I have heard that the Ultremos will corner better.  Have you had this experience with them?  I will purchase mine on Ebay in the US for 81 USD.  I'm not sure of the exchange, but I think that will be close to the price you paid.  The local bike shop wants 125 USD which is high.   As a bonus I have never liked the way the Pro2s look with the grey sidewall and the Ultremos look very aggressive.

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    I used to have the Michelin tyres, but the Ultremos are better (although not by much).  The ultemo tyre looks the business, though

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    I used to think these were great - despite the cuts they'd suffered and their very fragile sidewalls.  They're very light and feel quick.However, both tyres came off the rims at Crystal Palace about 6 weeks ago on the adverse camber at the top of the descent.  The inner tubes exploded and dumped me on the ground with a loud bang.  Lots of missing skin.I should have realised that I was in for trouble sooner.  Both tyres had become so loose on the Campag Eurus rims that I could get them off the wheels with just my thumb and forefinger. Upon analysis, it seems that the combination of the corner, speed and my weight caused the tyres to lift and the latex tubes to find their way out between the bead and the rim.  Each green tube had about a 2" slit with black rubber marks around it.The tyres were seated properl beforehand and nothing like this has ever happened to me before.  I've spoken the UK Schwalbe distributors and I keep meaning to send the tyres to them. I've subsequently changed to Continental GP4000s tyres and haven't had any problems at all.  They're amazingly intact too - no cuts at all.  A huge advance on the standard 4000. 

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    Thanks for that, hope you are healing.  I had a set of Conti 4000 and hey seamed to cut easy, or maybe it was my bad luck.  I've ordered a set of the Ultremos, hopefully I will not duplicate your experience.  I am looking to the future to try set of 4000S tires after the Ultremos and see how they compare to the 4000 tires.  Thanks for your post

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    Huw, it sounds more likely that the tube was caught between the tyre and rim when the tyres were fitted. This lets the tube gradually lever the tyre over the rim bead. It would explain the black marks on the tubes. If fitted properly and concentric, even a slack tyre will stay on a hook bead rim since the air pressure keeps the tyre bead inplace. This is such a reliable concept that it is possible to cut the bead in numerous places, fit the tyre and tube making sure it is all correctly seated, and then inflate the tyre to at least 100psi without it blowing off the rim. Try it.

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    Richard - I appreciate the post but it just wasn't the case. The tyres were so loose on the rims that there was no reason why the tubes should have been trapped - that normally happens only when it's a strain to fit the tyres. By comparison, the Contis I replaced the Schwalbes with were a real pain to fit. I also always talc my tubes to ease fitting and I'd ridden a 60 mile road race on them two days beforehand without a problem. However, that circuit didn't 'stress' the tyres nearly as much as Palace.

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    For what it is worth, I received my Ultremos today and installed them.  They do seem easer to fit than the Michelins or the Contis, not nearly as tight.  I'll be carefull-

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    Fair enough, Huw. There is a test rig at the Conti factory on which they pressurise tyres with water (to avoid compression and subsequent explosion as woudl happen with air or other gas) to check for blow-off performance against rim sections calibrated to ETRTO minimum and maximum dimensions. If a Conto tyre is a tight fit, the tim has to be on the big side, even if within spec. Therefore, any tyre that is a slack fit on the same rim is probably outside the ETRTO specs.

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