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    I got a Squadra a couple of weeks ago - with a SRAM Rival set for around £1500. Otherwise same set up and I have been really enjoing it. Having ridden mini-velos, fixed, foldies and MTBs, this is my first proper road bike and I wanted some decent advice when buying - which I felt I got from Condor. The price includes getting properly set up on their jig bike - over which time was taken, going through various options on wheels, colour, tape, pedals, gearing etc and of course also includes a first service. I'm not saying that you don't get this anywhere else, but it feels as though they will continue to look after me and my bike. Delivery time was spot on 5 weeks (4-6 quoted). If you know all your sizings and what you want, then I guess this isn't so much of an issue, but for me it was great. Condor always seem v busy - so they must be doing something right! and I would deffo go back, even though if you hunt around on the internet, you can probably get "cheaper" deals (although won't have the benefit of buying from a physical shop). The bike itself feels great - it doesn't seem to ride as harshly as I would have expected, it really feels as though it kicks itself forward when I put my foot through. The Rival set is great - enjoying the double tap and no worries so far. Set up feels perfect - I was a bit sceptical at first as I thought I would be too "stretched out", but I am really happy. Looking forward to putting lots of miles on my Squadra...

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    I have a love/hate relationship with Condor.I bought an Italia kitted out with Dura Ace from them 1 yr ago, and was  also impressed by the fit + the Gig they get you on.  I love the italia what a great ride. But i have to say getting served in the shop can be a nightmare some times, i have waited up to 30-40 mins sometimes. And some of the staff can make you feel very much in the way and be pretty  short with you, and after spend a heck of alot of money in the shop it makes me a bit cross. But their knowledge and the servicing of he bike is def above average, just think they could improve heir customer service attitude. 

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