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    So, reading this thread got me interested in mirrors again although I have never really used one on the road bikes. I can't have anything sticking out much as I would hit it with me knee. Anyway, I came across this and this and the Cateye was only 11 quid and available in the UK so I have ordered one for my winter bike. It's 45 mm wide so fairly discreet, hopefully.
    I have the previous Cateye version, which goes in the drop bar end and can twizzle to various angles via a ball & socket joint. It's also quite convex so gives a wide field of view from it's circa 50mm diameter screen. It's very effective but has two glitches: vibration when riding the very scabby gravel; a tendency to move out of proper orientation after very fast downhills over 40mph, as the wind is strong enough to move it. These are not serious as it takes but 2 secs to put it back in place.

    That new one looks neater albeit twice the price of the previous version. I might get someone to buy me one for Christmas.


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    Update on the mirror.
    I have now ridden with the IRBM for quite some time now. It is pretty good, although similar to experiences of Lataxe, it does take a while to position and it has moved on occasions, this necessitates a bit of fine tuning on the move. I think I may be able to rectify it if I completely unwrap bar tape and re-set.
    The image viewed in the mirror is quite small, so anyone struggling with eyesight would possibly find difficulty with this.
    One last thing, when positioning the mirror you pretty much have to go with the position you are mainly in, i.e, the drops or the hoods etc, when in the secondary position, whichever that may be its not easy to acquire a rear view image quickly without considerable neck stretching for obvious reasons .
    On the whole though I think its a reasonable piece of kit that I will continue to use it.

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    Well, as it happens I received one as a birthday present 2 weeks ago and today I fitted it. Works well I reckon on the very short trial run I tried it on, I made a complete pigs ear of refitting bar tape so have ordered more to redo. Mirror will of course never replace the look behind but is a very valuable addition to a road bike.
    All the gear and no idea.

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