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Thread: Aldi Lights

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    Quote Originally Posted by VLAD (the Friendly Vamp) View Post
    Buy the way - how is ALDI food made in a Sweat Shop. ????
    Depends on your definition of a sweat shop. The food can still be sourced from producers and factories who exploit their workers. While we know that you are often paying through the nose for some established/designer brands, you can't get away from the fact that if something is unfeasibly cheap that something somewhere has got to give along the line whether it is poor quality or low paid workers. However I do confess that I buy Aldi's Stollen cake from time to time.
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    Plenty of top brands also use sweatshops. Apple for starters! (allegedly!)

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    Suffice to say when you buy something manufactured and cheap, chances are their workers are not paid much. However, I would be surprised if their factories were not safe- this has been a big issue for some cos, but they are dealing with it. But low pay is what it is... folks want the work, their cost of living is far lower and there are often benefits like housing and education for their children provided by the companies.

    Paying more is no guarantee that the workers are paid more, more likely simply that the company you are buying off is making more profit.
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    If your worried about sweatshops, etc you can't go wrong with alpkit. They make their own kit in Nottingham. It's top quality, has a 3 year warranty, is very well priced and the customer service is brilliant. Not a massive range, but not a massive company.
    No, I don't work there. Sadly.

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