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    Plenty out there to chose from. Don't be scared off by a nice aluminium bike. My CAAD10 is a great bike and the Specialized Allez is decent.

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    Don't know where you stand on Planet X but they have a decent sale on some of their frames taking them to incredible prices.

    An actual TT frame going for 378 (considering that myself as I have a few triathlons coming up in 2017 and may do more) or depending on how flexible your 500 budget is the Carbon Aero road frame I believe recently won some awards and is on there for 697. Plenty other frames in between prices depending on size availability etc.

    Well worth a look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Q View Post
    There's a standard Evo Tiagra out now. I recently saw it on sale for 799 the 2016 model. The clearance on the rear wheel according to Cannondale is good for 28mm tyres.
    I can confirm there is plenty of clearance on the current frame for 25mm Pro 4's which come up bigger than most comparable brands so 28 should fit.

    But I wonder what advantage larger tyres really have and whether the recent trend is just a fashion. OK it depends on your weight but at 62 kg I don't find any significance in comfort with 25 mm run at 80 psi that 23 mm at 85 psi. And as for improved aerodynamics: I've not had them in a wind tunnel but the 25 mm Mavic Ykison tyres on compatible Ksyrium Pro rims doesn't look any different in terms of fit than 23 mm Pro 4 on a narrower rim. I took the Yksions off and replaced them with some trusty 25 mm Pro 4's as they cut and puncture too easily and again visually, the fit of Pro 4 on Ksyrium is indistinguishable.
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