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    Quote Originally Posted by coolboarder View Post
    I'd say especially in the wet as the tyre isn't going to grip and you're more likely to skid, I've skidded a few times in the wet with rims brakes locking let alone discs. But re your panic reaction, I think that once you're used to discs you will have learned how to modulate them.
    Agreed. I find the extra modulating feel of the rear disc brake in particular rather better than that of even a well-routed cable rear brake (rim or disc). The rear will skid if one lever-pulls just a tad too much when it's wet or slimy - unless the "feel" is very fine, as seems to be the case with a hydraulic rear disc.

    But anyway, and as you intimate, a "panic" reaction changes over time, as the dangerous thing hoves rapidly into view. My initial reaction these days is to avoid braking and rely on steering. One can often avoid the dangerous thing more easily and without disaster by finding the escape route rather than grabbing a brake and losing control as the tyres go sideways instead of forward. We cyclists are quite narrow and also agile.

    This dodging technique has now become second nature (i.e. of the unthinking variety) after many near misses in which braking was the least effective thing to do. Happily I didn't hit any dangerous things whilst learning this; but during the brake-skids this was good luck and nothing more.

    Quote Originally Posted by coolboarder View Post
    For now, for me, weight is the most important factor. I'm more interested in going fast uphill than slowly down!
    Ha! the 200gms or thereabouts of extra weight when mounting disc brakes rather than rim brakes is neither here not there. Why not just leave off that silly helmet thing instead? Good brakes are a much more effective safety aid than a polystyrene hat. :-)


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    I'm happy with my chorus brakes on my racer, but use hydraulic disks on my hybrid. They are def superior in everyway, and I haven't had to service or replace the pads after nearly 18 months of daily commuting. Don't see them as an option for my racer though.

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