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    Cycling in Greece

    Hello all,

    I currently live in Greece and I have cycled pretty much every corner in this country, although, I must admit that there are a few spots still unexplored. . It was a rewarding process that took me more than a couple of years to complete. I thought that by contributing and helping people getting here, would be my way of sharing something great.

    I will be really happy to help in the best way I can, everybody who wants to cycle in Greece and explore the country. Information, suggestions, maybe cycling somewhere nice together? Just shoot!

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    out on the wily, windy moors
    Still exploring Hampshire Alex, it's taking me a b*** long time.

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    I was in Greece last year sailing (and going again this year), cycling there definitely appeals but bloody warm though! Quite high humidity when we went so I'd imagine cycling there be a bit of a sweat fest.
    All the gear and no idea.

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    Just out of interest, did you go to Evia?

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    I strava'ed my way round Paxos three or four years ago, all 13 miles of it. 4 incredibly difficult loops a day. Geez it was hard! There's about 10 super sharp little climbs in those dozen or so miles. Nearly all of them had some bits approaching 20% on them.
    I had a great time riding round be there, didn't bother me that it was the same loop every day.
    Don't think they get many cyclists on the island judging from the looks I got.
    I passed the same cafe every day and the guys would always wave then on the last day one of them beckoned me over. He started talking mega fast Greek to me but I got the idea when he said race and pointed to his scooter, he then shouts some of his mates and before I know it I was in a race to the beach with 5 mopeds. I came 4th after one of the guys little Honda didn't like a very steep bit. Good fun that.

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