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Manorbier, Freshwater (west and east), Stackpole, Castlemartin, Angle and t'other direction St Florence, Tenby, the Ridgeway etc (not necessarily in those orders). Also did a lovely ride in and out of the inlets of the Cleddau - on the East side via Carew, Cresswell Quay, Lawrenny Quay, Landshipping etc (it was a particularly windy day but we were sheltered most of the time). Didn't make it across the Cleddau cycling though we did visit Martins Haven and the St Davids area to do some walking - we need holidays that are twice as long - one to do all the cycling, the other to do the walking!

Lovely coffee and cake at Lawrenny Quay, nice food at Angle but the coffee was rubbish. Cafe Mor at Freshwater West will definitely be visited again.
SW Wales is addictive, is it not? The cycling is indeed of a higher order because of the generally well-kept roads, considerate drivers and lack of traffic. It perhaps lacks the grandeur of various parts of The Pennines, English Lakes or Highlands but it has extraordinary charm and an enormous amount of beautiful coast.

The people are also quite real, which makes a change from those you find installed in a lot of English suburbs these days. There's still a lot of old-fashioned traditions and ways of life in SW Wales that elsewhere have become moribund or even extinct.

We return for a fortnight next week. I'm looking forward to those empty roads and lack of the madding crowd.