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    Can't edit and submit changes

    So after giving up with Chrome as it won't let me log on to new threads, I've changed to first Microsoft Edge and now old fashioned Explorer. If I want to edit a post it won't let me submit the edited version or even cancel, it just freezes so I have to leave it altogether by clicking on the top tool bar. Surely its not just my bad luck I've chosen 3/3 dodgy browsers so there has to be an issue with the site?

    Not expecting any response from the mods until the tectonic plates have shifted a few thousand kilometres!
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    I had this issue.

    Try this which I did and it worked.

    Come out of the page and reload it and make sure that you have waited at least 60 seconds since the post was first placed.

    then you can edit it as normal and repost.

    Its a time thing I believe on the site.
    NOT logging in every and each visit now.
    Going to have to BITE someone soon.
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    CB I agree the editing is broken. I reckon it's to do with Bill Gates, additional levels of security mean there is a buffer in the system somewhere.

    The answer is, either employ your infallibility to make sure the posts are right first time, or do what I do, if it's wrong, just leave it.
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