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    I don't know what your levels of fitness are but I did a 100-mile ride in 5:58 last July without really training/cycling for at least 6 months prior to the ride.

    I really like a GCN youtube channel - they have a lot of good videos for beginners (and more advanced riders)

    How to ride 100 miles

    What to take on every ride

    and most importantly how to avoid a**e soreness:

    I don't know where you live but as you increase the distance, it'd be good to plan some good routes so not only is it a good training but also a pleasure to cycle. Nothing beats stunning scenery of London council flats....eeeerm I meant countryside

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    Nothing particularly to add to the good comments above... except closer to the event start doing some weights just before the training rides, to get yourself used to going from one to the other.

    Have a read up on Sweetspot training- this is a good way of building fitness fast for that kind of distance.

    Some other very good articles linked on the left of that one, which may help too.
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