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    Quite, it's fairly non discriminate in that position it holds. I don't cycling 100m without a helmet, always worried that will be the time I need it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VLAD (the Friendly Vamp) View Post
    You do know Nick - that after this has all cleared up, you will still have a fuddled head.

    After the several concussions I've suffered through sports and the last bike off, my short term memory is crap, a bit might be due to my age, but I think a lot has to do with the concussions I had.

    I often walk to the kitchen or into a room and then stand there and think to ones self - "what was I going to do?"

    Its then all over and I very rarely remember what it was, so lots of things never get done.

    Hope that you don't have such problems and you can complete your courses etc.
    Cheers Vlad, I really hope things improve too. I hate not being able to think clearly, and my short term memory has gone to shit too.

    Before my accident, I read articles about concussions in sport and the long term effects on the brain, so there is definitely a link there.

    Plus my short term memory has gone to shit*

    * - Concussion lols

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