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    Try a squirt of GT85/wd40.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VLAD (the Friendly Vamp) View Post
    Got a permanent plastic on plastic squeek coming from the grab bar on the glo9vebox in passenger side of car. Tried to have it fixed several times and comes back.

    Its actually worse in the summer.

    Have to play loud music to cover it up as it drives me mad. Tried punching it, pulling it and tried superglue as well - garrage tried several times and nought works.

    In my opinion it needs to have a piece of material between the surfaces - but I cant get to the screws that hold it together as they are under the inbuilt dashboard.

    Blood Skoda. Should hav ebeen 1 piece not 2 pieces.
    I have to say my Skoda Octavia has been 99% creak free, better bolted together than the BMWs and Subarus I've had before. The only creak is from the boot compartment cover when its retracted.
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