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    Facks sake.

    There's just no consistency.

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    The thing you dont realise is this..... If the Courts give compo to the victim.... then the victim cant continue with the injury claims.... the victim has very serious injjuries that will need a lot of compo to lookm after her for the rest of her life.

    The injury claim will therefore take presidence over the compo from the Courts. So the Courts have issued the basic punishment for a drive without due care case where the offender has admitted his guilt.

    This also goes where people in cars drive like twats - kill people and then drive off - hand them selves in the next day (after sobering up) and admit to the lesser charge of causing death by Due care - and get a really light sentence instead of the full book - if they had stayed at the scene and been found to be drunk in charge or drug in charge.
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