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Thread: Fave TV shows

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    Quote Originally Posted by PRSboy View Post
    Airwolf was my favourite programme, by a country mile. I call my Argon18 bike Airwolf, that's how sad I am...
    Lol, I used to call my Cube 'Rubiks'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick1020 View Post
    Lol, I used to call my Cube 'Rubiks'.
    I see what you did there... clever!
    "If you act like you know what you are doing, you can do anything you want- except neurosurgery"- Sharon Stone

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    Scandi crime dramas mainly, just finished watching the last series of The Bridge. Currently watching welsh crime drama Hinterland on Netflix which is excellent.

    Also discovered a random cable channel which is repeating ER, which has made me very happy indeed, probably my all time favourite show.

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