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    I take it you weren't sat at the traffic lights trying to convince yourself that 'no, no, my fingers really aren't really really hurting and no it's not nigh on impossible to pull the brake levers' then? Just me then?

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    I had that last year during the B from E, never known pain like it and Ive been stuck in a blizzard skiing. I had the Prendas heavy weight gloves before these and they were good, but I think after years of washing, the seams had failed a bit and they were letting in that bitter wind.

    It was horrific, couldn't open the front door, thank god my better half was at home. I then sat in curled in a ball at the bottom of the stairs in a sleeping bag trying to warm them up, it was excruciating.
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    I had one very cold sleety ride when I had to get my 12yr old daughter to take off my overshoes and shoes as my hands were so useless. Fingers totally numb, and remained peculiar-feeling for a number of days afterwards... clearly some nerve damage from the cold so proper gloves are to be taken seriously.
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