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    Fair enough, was surprised that the new one with some wool came out drier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ibbo68 View Post
    Ö.. they donít take much longer than a Synthetic BL to dry when worn.Theyíre still very thin and light and despite being wool feel synthetic.IMO they are warmer than synthetic.
    I've found Merino doesn't wick as well as synthetic and thus gets wetter in use and I would not use it as a base layer if I was expecting to sweat a lot so I would only use for cycling it on cold days - and yes it is warmer for its weight. As said before I use merino for wintersports because of its warmth and hygienic properties so I can wear it for days at a time and means a less kit to transport to ski resorts. However on warm days when I've been working hard off-piste and got very sweaty, the time for it to dry out under a jacket means that when I've stopped sat on a chair lift and its got colder later I can feel very cold - not ideal at the top of a mountain!
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    I bought a Crane(Aldi) Merino BL a couple of weeks ago for work.First impression was it felt thinner/cheaper than the Crane Merino BL I currently have.Seems warm enough but...three holes have appeared after it's second wash.Two on the sleeve and one on the back.I took it back to Aldi(no receipt) yesterday and they have non left so gave a full refund and let me keep the BL!!???

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