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Thread: Poppies

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    Blimey - Yes very thankful villages. Good news.
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    My daughter plays in a marching band so every remembrance day we attend a remembrance service and she plays and marches in a parade afterwards. It's quite moving and a lovely community occasion.

    This year the lad was racing on remembrance Sunday, the commentator read out some nice words about the cycling corps in WW1 and the 2 minute silence was impeccably observed by everyone. It was quite striking as just a few minutes earlier the under 12s had been hammering round the course with hundreds of adults and kids milling about. My club rode out to the cyclists memorial in Meriden and laid a wreath (some poor soul had the task of somehow attaching it to his bike!) which was nice.

    Remembrance day seems to be growing in significance as the years pass, which, despite the poppy fanaticism that unfortunately goes with it, I think is a good thing.

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    It certainly is.....even my kid understand the importance...something I never did at his age

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