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Thread: Velo-gone!

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    I felt for the pilot too... imagine looking into the guy's eyes, knowing it was because of a moment's inattention over something simple that his passenger was in a life-threatening predicament.

    Hmm, yes, I loved the feeling of overtaking cars on my road bike down Alpine descents. All very well until it isn't!
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    Imagin the Uology - "He held till the end - Literally" He then let go.

    Wish they had shown the video from the front camera - the looks on their respective faces would have been great - "Should I be hanging like this or not?" - "Oh crap, think I forgot to do something". "You bet your bottom dollar you forgot something mate."

    He did wonders hanging on like that, my fingers are not that strong now after being dislocated and trashed in sports - so I would be sitting on top of a tree if that had been me.
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