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    Feel your pain Ibbo as I've been a bit under the weather for the past few days. Had a sore throat and headache from Christmas Eve morning, although I've had a headache at some point for most days for the last 5 weeks! Today has been the worst day as I've got an annoying, productive cough to go with it.

    Still managed to cook dinner yesterday and the rib of beef was sublime. Have to give myself a pat on the back for the roasties too!

    Also been studying for quite a few hours each day. Probably did over 4 hours yesterday. Woke up then sorted out the cooking timing plan, then mixed studying and cooking till lunch. Treated myself to a glass of wine with dinner, but that was all the booze I had Christmas Day till late in the evening. We popped over in-laws after lunch, then when we got back, I ploughed on with more studying.

    Really determined to catch up, even if not all my notes are sinking in through a combination of tiredness, feeling ill and still not 100%.

    The good news is I'm only just over one week behind in the one module, which I should be able to catch up by tomorrow, or Friday. The bad news is, I'm about 6 weeks behind in the other module!

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

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    Nice looking bike GW.Phase three is getting the lad on the Velodrome.I've only done it once but really enjoyed it.
    Are you aware of the cluster sessions at Derby? This is how my lad started on the track. Always lots of new kids and the coaches are great with them. Bikes and shoes available to hire. Next one is on 17th Feb. There are rules about age and club eligibility but the sessions are never sold out and I know they need to fill them to make it financially viable.

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