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    A little update... did my first TrainerRoad ramp test yesterday. Got a result waaay below what I expected, so I sulked for 5 minutes then hopped back on and did it again. The fact that I could even do it again shows how I did not dig anything like deep enough on the first go, and what's more I got a result the second time that was higher and more like I expected.

    Still 5% down on my 8 min test in Oct, which seems fair as that was a while ago, not to mention a different test protocol which I paced well, so arguably 'gamed' it.

    However, I've been finishing the TR sessions to date based on this higher FTP, so should I stick with it, or go with the new lower number?

    I can see the advantage of the ramp test in as much as you can't pace it, but its still more of a mental test than a physical one so still takes a bit of practice.
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