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    Weather forecasts

    Which weather sites do people use for planning their rides? Got caught out a bit last week after the metoffice said it would be dry (it wasn't!).

    Thinking about going out this afternoon and the metoffice is saying 80-90% chance of heavy rain but BBC saying only a 20% chance of rain.

    PS I'm fully aware of both rules #5 and #9

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    I use Metoffice but yeah they make mistakes. My boss at work has a really good one, can’t remember it’s name. I’ll ask him...
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    I find this one to be most accurate:-

    On a more serious note one of our BBC Local weather presenters said there was a 50/50 chance of rain a couple of weeks ago...nowt like hedging your bets

    I have MetOffice and the App that comes with iPhone and both seem to be quite accurate.
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    BBC weather app on iPhone.
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    Metoffice was right on this occasion, it did rain. I didn't go out.

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